Chewy Pharmacy has the NABP (National Association of Boards of Pharmacy) ".pharmacy" verification that ensures that Chewy Pharmacy is properly licensed and follows all applicable laws and best business practices. Chewy Pharmacy also has LegitScript Healthcare Merchant Certification, a certification used by patients around the world to determine providers that they can trust.

For questions about prescription medications, our pharmacists are available at 1-877-977-3879 and rx@chewy.com. For questions about prescription food, we’re available 24/7 at 1-800-672-4399 and vetdiet@chewy.com.

We source all our products from manufacturer approved distributors or directly from the manufacturers. Chewy takes pride in ensuring that our furry friends’ wellbeing is always our top priority. We have worked hard to partner with all of the manufactures to deliver a first-class experience with the same 100% guaranteed products that you receive at your vet clinic.

Veterinary diets are formulated with precise ingredients and nutrients needed to address specific medical conditions. It is important that your vet approves the food type and provides feeding guidelines that is specific to your pet.

Simply add the item to your cart, enter your pet and vet information, and place your order. Your vet will approve or disapprove veterinary diet and prescriptions on an individual basis.

Yes. All prescription items require authorization from your vet. If you or your vet have not already submitted a prescription for your purchase, we will contact the vet on your behalf for approval.

Your vet will either provide you with a prescription that must be submitted by you to our pharmacy, your vet will submit a prescription to our pharmacy after your clinic visit, or we will contact your vet on your behalf to obtain a prescription. Please note that, some veterinarians will require you to obtain a hard copy prescription from him or her, and mail the prescription directly to Chewy Pharmacy.

All orders for prescription medications are typically processed within 24-48 hours after they are received by mail.

We can accept valid prescriptions from a veterinarian that does not live in the same state as you. However, we do not accept prescriptions written by veterinarians that practice outside the United States.

Yes. The prescription written by your vet outlines when your prescription expires and how many refills we can ship before they’d like you to check back in with them.

  • Check for an expiration date printed by the manufacturer on the bottle or box
  • Check for an expiration date printed on the pharmacy’s label
  • Speak with your pharmacist or veterinarian if you have any questions about the safety of the medication. If the validity of any medication is in question for any reason, properly dispose of the product rather than risking the safety of your pet

Your veterinary clinic can help you determine the best way to dispose of medications in your area. Many pharmacies and veterinary clinics will accept expired or leftover medications and dispose of them properly for you. More information on proper disposal of unused medicines can be found on the FDA website.

Yes. Once you sign up for AutoShip we will automatically ship out veterinary diet and prescription medications for as long as your prescription allows. For veterinary diet, if you run out of refills, or your order expires, we’ll automatically contact your vet for a new approval.

Yes. You need to have an account on the website to place any orders.

For prescription medication orders, we are required by law to know your pet's medical issues, allergies, weight, breed, and age as it is necessary to ensure safety in dispensing prescription medications for your pet. For veterinary diet orders, setting up a Pet Profile is not required but highly recommended.

Please contact your vet immediately if your pet has a negative reaction to the veterinary diet or prescription medication.